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As a concerned U.S. citizen with a wife and 2 kids that I wish to keep safe in this crazy mixed-up world, I watch governments in most countries encroach upon, steal, and take control of our personal freedoms. And governments are doing this at an ever-increasingly faster pace, making me wonder what the future will hold for my children's personal freedoms, if any are left.

However, it seems I am no longer alone. Since Covid, the world is waking up to the very same issues I wonder about. In fact, this awakening now has a name, 'The Great Awakening", and all I can say is, "It's about damn time!"

The Freedom-4-All store was implemented so that I could do my part in supporting the Great Awakening and stand up to the tyranny. The idea came to me as I was standing in line and realized I could tell something about almost everyone from their t-shirts. He rides a Harley. She drives a Mustang. Corvette owner. Notre Dame, Chicago Cubs, cats, dogs, religious, etc. People advertise on their backs and show who they are, and often what they believe. I realized maybe t-shirts could help us unite.

Since I couldn't really find a t-shirt store that covers all patriotic issues from a deep personal freedom perspective (profitable, yes, truly patriotic, no), I decided to create my own. Here are my hopes and dreams for this store:

  • My hope is others will notice the topics Freedom-4-All customers choose to display on their apparel and clothing. Then I hope they take a further interest, to the point of further educating themselves, thereby joining in the Great Awakening.
  • My dream is to bring awareness, support, and unity to the everyday man and woman, because I believe it is time to stand up and fight for our personal freedoms, before they forever slip away.

Freedom-4-All is really your store. A place where you can personally join the Great Awakening and rally. A place where you can unite by simply showing your support and unity on your back. A cheap and easy entrance to a better future. By wearing Freedom-4-All products, you are uniting with others who have already joined the Great Awakening. Our tees are not fashion statements, they are freedom statements! 

Glad to have you on board. Unite, and wear with pride!

Thank you,

Don Conrad

Store owner with his custom 'freedom' themed neon sign. Harley emblem, US flag and american eagle

Store owner, Don Conrad, with his custom 'freedom' themed neon sign. consisting of a Harley emblem, US flag, and American eagle.

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