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Why are Freedom-4-All designs on the back instead of the fronts of shirts?

Simple really. We feel they are more effective that way. When designs are on the front of a shirt, it is generally to spark conversations as you sit around with your friends. For instance, if you have a picture of a cat on your tee, at some point, questions and comments will sprout around cats.

But Freedom-4-All is not just about cool designs, we are also about educating and waking up the public to their/our personal freedoms. Yes, we want you to wear with pride the ideals represented on your shirt. But we also want to bring unity to those still on the 'outside'. You see, like-minded people will talk and share info among themselves. But for people who are uninterested or don't even know a possible problem exists, reading the backs of t-shirts of those in line can often generate a thought or interest which hopefully they pursue further down the road. Back-placement designs also allow the reader to read the shirt multiple times, if necessary, without bringing any attention to themselves.

So, our designs are not only designed so you can express what you think and where you stand on issues but to also spark thoughts in those behind you. If we receive strong enough interest in certain front-design needs, we will head in that direction. We are even toying with the idea of a design on the back and our logo on the front. 


Note: Freedom-4-All works hand-in-hand with Printful on printing and delivering our custom apparel. 

What technique is used to print your designs on your apparel?