Multi colored decorated tree outdoors in the snowy forest.

Happy Holidays

It just wouldn't be right to let Christmas and/or New Year's pass without some kind of column dedicated to them in some kind of way. But when you are running a blog whose basis is in the Constitution, it gets a little confusing finding the perfect holiday topic. But I am going to try.

After experiencing over 60 Christmases, I can say with total certainty that my holiday tastes have matured. Presents really don't excite me, except those simple ones that show me the giver really understands me to a degree most don't get. For instance, a few of my favorite candy bars. Or the latest classic car magazine. Or possibly a trinket that brings back the best of memories. If you are older, you know the gift type, the kind only age and time spent with someone can give birth to.

No, what excites me for Christmas is the things I know we may never truly receive but continue to hope and strive for. Freedom. Peace among us. A better world for my current and future family.

I know that answer is so cliche like when the Ms. Universe contestant gives the answer of her deep-down personal desire for world peace when her real desire really is a brand-new Mustang convertible. But I sincerely mean this. I want these things. Hell, it is these things that made me start this website and blog at a time when I should be thinking about retirement. 

But I had to be true to myself since age has made me realize my time is getting shorter and these things seem farther away instead of closer. Plus, I would love to see the world a little better in the future than today. I would like to think I helped in even the smallest of ways. 

Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas music. And I am very a visual human so colored lights, a well-designed village, and good decorations are all on my happy list. But the deepest part of me wants the true meaning of Christmas to thrive and prosper. A God-given gift that has nothing to do with material items. A reminder of the truest, deepest meaning of life. A heaven-sent Man to bridge the gap between the God I was taught and my inferior human existence. The hope of a better life.

For everyone.


No matter what their personal beliefs are.

And I believe I am given that chance every January 1st to work to make my dream move a little closer to reality. And that is what I like about New Year's Day. The chance to dig deep again. To come back refreshed with a fortified Christmas strength and then put it to good use starting in the new year. To believe once again, maybe, just maybe, I can improve the world just a tad.

And if we all improve the world just a tad this season, those tads will turn into miracles. 

Which is really what the season is about.


Multi colored decorated tree outdoors in the snowy forest.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, or however you express them, may this time be of good cheer and joyful miracles.



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