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Freedom-4-All Meets the 'Twilight Zone'

The older I get, the more I realize how little I know about our world and all its mysteries. There seems to be constant 'coincidences' and 'phenomenal' experiences that make me question things I never would of in my earlier years. Rod Serling of 'The Twilight Zone' was a fairly popular TV show when I was growing up. It was thought to be pretty far out there. Now it doesn't seem so far out anymore.

As an example, we just gave my son his high school graduation party. At one point, I was talking to one of his elementary teachers and she mentioned that there were many US flags buried in my backyard. In fact, they were buried just about the same spot as my firepit. Naturally, my curiosity peaked. Tell me more!

Turns out, she had a son whose Scout master lived in the house a few years before my family. He held meetings and such on the property, (about an acre or so) and of course, was in charge of following and teaching American values as well as the Boy Scouts. One of his responsibilities was the proper and respectful handling of American flags when their useful life was complete. Burning the flag is the preferred way to handle such disposal. I guess there are many flags burned and buried in my yard.

Now here is where this story is going. I do believe in karma and forces that we don't always see or feel. Energy and such that seems out of this world but is probably quite normal if we could reveal them to the naked eye. Before I moved into this house 18 years ago, I really wasn't that interested in politics or freedom rights, etc. This has only been building for the last 10 years or so. And many of my friends think I am more patriotic than needed at times.

So I wonder, half in fun and half based on how little I/we truly know about our world, is my increased patriotism over the years somehow linked to those buried flags? Is there energy seeping out from the ground that I somehow absorb in my daily walks outside? Are those flags the behind-the-scenes reason I started Freedom-4-All? 

I think I am beginning to hear some weird music in my head.

Maybe I need to call Mr. Serling and ask some questions. Might be time to remake 'The Twilight Zone'.

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