Man on hill watching sun rise.

Will The Sun Rise In The West?

Here is how our government thinks about the adult citizens in this country. I heard this in a John Rubino interview. John said, "A friend of mine mentioned that our government wants to regulate every aspect and meaningful decision in our lives. They don't believe that we, as adults, can think, understand, and work through problems ourselves. Yet, they think that a 10-year-old child is able to make decisions about their sexual identities, even before they hit puberty."

Picture of gomer Pyle from Andy Griffith show.

Basically, adults have the mental capacity of Gomer Pyle. Kids are related to Einstein.

Picture of Albert Einstein.

Now these were not the exact words, because that interview has long passed me. I had to paraphrase but did manage to get the jest correct (I added this last comment because it felt right). 

But think about that. It's crazy.

This has to be a sign. Something has to be causing a change in the cosmos because normal is no longer normal. 2+2 no longer equals 4. Defecation in the street is legal. Walmart is blamed for 'abandoning the community when they close its doors in areas of constant looting. Shoplifters can't be prosecuted unless the theft was over $950. All these things are happening somewhere in our country at this time.

Tomorrow I am going to sit outside and watch the sun as it rises in the west!

It might be interesting.

So what do we do? Should we buy new calculators where 2+2 = anything? Do we put toilet paper on every street corner?  Instead of closing its doors, should Walmart hand out shopping bags to make things easier for looters? Do all small businesses raise the price of everything to $1000, no matter how inexpensive the item?


Wait, I know, let the 10-year olds decide what to do. They're smart enough.

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