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We Have To Laugh, To Avoid Crying

Well, blog number two on the Freedom-4-All blog is me talking about some of the things I see but don’t understand, forcing me to laugh so I don’t break down and cry. For instance, money printing is going nuts. In the year 2000, we were $5 trillion in debt and now we are $32 trillion just 23 years later. That's an exponential curve and it’s headed in the wrong direction. How much more can we take before we see a systemic collapse? Of course, that already may be well on its way with the number of banks that are shaky as of May 2023. But yet Powell tells us things are stable. Maybe he needs a new dictionary to look up the word ‘stable’.

Then we have the whole transgender issue going on. I believe everyone has the right to freedom to express themselves, but the Navy has displayed a poster with a transgender in uniform in the hopes of attracting more youth to cover their need for applicants. Is this the military strength we want to show the world? I wonder if they are laughing at us for that one. And of course, we all know about the Bud Light debacle as we speak. 

 Another asinine thing I am seeing right now is the fact that Biden has passed a law where people with bad credit pay lower interest rates for home loans while people with good credit will pay higher interest rates. Basically, let's punish the population that is handling their money correctly, as we reward the ones who don't. Where in the hell did that brilliant idea come from? And how soon before this applied to car loans, student debt, and credit cards? Are they trying to destroy our financial system? I think this current administration has lost its mind.

If laughter really is the best medicine, maybe our current government is trying to heal the world.

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