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Freedom-4-All Has Launched!

Welcome to the first blog of Freedom-4-All. My original intent with this website was not to be a blogger, but just to sell t-shirts I felt relevant to supporting our personal freedoms. However, the main reason I wanted to sell T-shirts in the first place was to take a stand against some of the stupidity and loss of freedoms our government and the world are thrusting upon us. This forces me to get verbal. So I will regularly try to bring you news on some of the issues that are plaguing our country as they rear their ugly heads. Hopefully, I can offer a little bit of education and support that improves our world for the future of our kids and grandkids. Please support this website, because it is your website. Follow us on Pinterest. Join our e-mail. Because one day I believe the site will grow to help supply our world with another outlet for expressing our love and support for personal freedoms given to us by the Constitution of the United States. So, stand up and join me. Thank you.


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