Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator.

The 'Terminator': 2029

One really cool thing about having my own blog is, I get to write what I want. Of course, with this site being patriotic and mostly about Constitutional freedoms, I try to tie things together under that umbrella, but sometimes I get to 'stretch' my thoughts and thinking skills. 

Today I am going to do just that. 

This blog started out based on two simultaneous happenings. 

  1. I happened to see a picture on TikTok of AI robots at some kind of sporting event. They looked EXTREMELY real in the face. Actually, too real for my personal comfort. And...
  2. The locale movie house plays one oldies movie once a week and this same week it was playing the 1984 hit movie, the "Terminator'.
Disney's Hall of Presidents

If these two items hadn't hit at the same time, I doubt I would have bothered with the movie, as I am not a sci-fi buff in the least. But even though human-looking robots have been around since Walt Disney first put them in the NY World's Fair in 1960, then in his Hall of Presidents and most of his attractions in his theme parks, AI is now heavy on my radar. Here's why.

I do not have too many issues with robots helping with the heavy lifting (other than job loss, another day's discussion). My issue is that these AI bots are supposedly being set up to 'self-teach' themselves to get smarter. If this is true, it is a practice that I am sure will only pick up speed.

Now that last sentence scares the sh*t out of me. And I am pretty hard to scare.

But back to the movie. Here is the premise. Somewhere near the end of the 1980's, the world had a nuclear war. This war wasn't started over any particular countries' quest for control or power (such as where we are headed today). Instead, the AI technology that was set up to handle the world's nuclear security, malfunctioned in some way. 

cyborg world war

Out of this war, the self-teaching robots took over and got stronger and stronger, and by 2029, were running the world, leaving the few humans left to try and hide to keep alive. There was also a revolutionary war to fight these bots for human freedom if at all possible. The human leader of this 2029 revolution was a warrior named John Conner. 

The bots, called cyborgs, decide to send the Terminator cyborg back in time to 1984 to kill John Conner's mother, and thus change future history to ensure the cyborgs complete and powerful rule. John Conner (rebel leader, remember?) also sends a human man back to 1984 whose sole mission is to stop this terminator and save the mother's (Sarah Conner's) life, thus keeping her alive to ensure the original 2029 history. 

Sarah Conner photo

Are you with me so far?

When I first saw this movie in 1984, it was just entertainment with the current girlfriend, nothing more. Cool story but could never happen. Just a great piece of sci-fi.

But now...?

I don't know.


girl human robot

With today's robots almost impossible to tell the difference next to a human. An AI problem that I am sure will be solved in 5-10 years. (Why do they HAVE to look human anyway? I like my robots to look like a robot. Think the  Jetsons.) 

Anyway, in the movie, the Terminator is the latest design cyborg that has human hair, skin, blood, etc. Part human, part robot. And as far-fetched as this seems, science is hoping to head that way as I write this.

So, are we actually headed that way?

I don't know.

What i do know is that  30 years ago, most people thought that we would never have self driving cars, but hey... here we are.

So again are we headed that way? It very well seems we might be. Take a minute and review the similarities between the 1984 movie and real life in 2023. They are;

  1. unplanned nuclear war
  2. self-teaching robots,
  3. a machine that is part human and part robot

I can't be sure, but all these things seem only a few years away from my view here in 2023. I will have to review this article in a couple years. 

What is your take?

A'll be back.


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