top of 3 flags with remember and honor. Thank You Veterans'.

Thank You Veterans

The Freedom-4-All store was initially started because of the great fear of the government's proposed CBDC (central bank digital currency). The weaponizing and control it could place on citizens here and abroad. I want the best for my children and grandchildren. That means to live without the constant meddling and control governments feel they need to push on us at every turn, endangering our personal freedoms. I believe CBDC is the biggest of all threats to those freedoms. Freedoms that are protected by our constitution, which 10s of thousands of brave men and women have fought to preserve. They inspire me.

So, as I expanded Freedom-4-All into a store to include all constitutional freedoms, it made sense to devote energy, money, and time to those who served. They fought on the battlefield to preserve our freedoms, and since I am passed my fighting prime, I will use my pen, my voice, and my website to help in keeping up their fight. To all veterans, a sincere ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart.

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