A young girl handcuffed and held prisoner, alone in a cell.

The Sounds Of Freedom: The Movie

I recently had the opportunity to watch the movie 'The Sound Of Freedom'. And even though the freedom-4-All website, blog, and store are centered on freedoms, this was something different altogether. Let me explain.

The basic story involves a man who spends his time catching pedophiles. It is a hard job, but he is proud of the work until a small series of events causes him to realize that he really isn't helping any victims. and that changes everything. He locates a 7-8-year-old and reunites him with his dad. he's done well. However, he quickly connects with the lad and feels the loss of the boy's sister, who was taken at the same time.

With knowledge from the boy, a good boss, and a very powerful and understanding wife, he quickly decides to break protocol and head to Cambodia to find her. He works his way into the extreme abandonment of the wilds, chasing her to where even the military and law refuse to travel. He finds her and extracts her to the safety of her father. Happy ending. 


As explained after the movie, the reality is that approximately 2 million kids are abducted like this every year. Yes, that is correct, 2,000,000 every year! Year after year. In fact, it is the fastest-growing crime at the present time. 

Now wrap your pretty head around that one.

Imagine being an elementary school-aged child, ripped from your family to be a 6-7 times a day sex worker, in the lowest of conditions. With the lowest of the low. With no hope for a future. Scared of everything. All the time. No end in sight.

Pause here to let that sink in.

If you are a father, as I am, you can really tune into the feeling of dread and loneliness for all involved. I know as a parent, of two adult children, I would watch my kids fairly close. But watching this film makes me wonder if more could have been done. 

What am I saying, of course, more can be done. More can always be done. This film just forces that issue to the top of the pile. And this is what I am driving at. We have it good. For the most part, we are safe, comfortable, and free in many ways. 

 The movie plays on all emotions. On one hand, it has a very happy ending where there is about a 99.99% chance of that happening. On the other hand, that 99.99% really hits home. For it is here that makes you think. Makes you wonder. makes you walk out of that 1st world country shell and take notice.

We all need to get involved. Every one of us. First, watch the movie,. then go home and shed a tear or two. Then find a way, any way to help, even a little. Because as the movie says, "GODS CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE".



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