Picture of different numbered meters over the heads of different people with the words, 'China's Social credit Score'.

China's Social Credit Scoring; Part 1

One area I think we need to talk about is the Chinese Social Credit Score (soon to be an American social credit score). Let me begin by explaining how it works.

Color gage rating poor to excellent

It is much like a financial credit report, in that, the higher the score, the more benefits are allotted to you. The lower your score, the fewer benefits you will receive, or put another way, the more you will be punished. On China's social credit score, one begins at 1000 points, and you can move up the ladder to 1300 points by doing kind and good things.

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Such as being a positive influence in your community. Or help/visit the elderly. Or stay in your lane politically. Don't drink alcohol, smoke, or eat too many fatty foods etc. You get the picture.

Now I must admit, so far, I like what I hear. It's how I live, so no big deal. but this is my choice and not a do-good-get-reward choice.

Of course, on the other hand, you can also fall down the ladder to 600 points.


By being 'naughty', at least in the government's eyes. By doing things they consider 'bad' as per their controlling standards. Not living the way they think you should live. Basically, with a lot less free will than one currently enjoys.

Here's a partial list of the 'naughties'.

  • protesting/anti-government anything
  • voting for the wrong political party (basically, not theirs)
  • any/all traffic violations
  • not visiting your parents enough (what if they live 6 states away?)
  • eating or drinking too many of the wrong items.
  • buying guns or ammo.
  • car not green enough or new enough

With me so far?

So let's go back and list some of my many problems with this system. First, let's begin with receiving points for being good, it seems like there are a lot fewer opportunities for going up the ladder with 'good' than going down the ladder with 'bad'. It also seems going up will be much, much harder to prove and document and, therefore, achieve. 

Being nice to the elderly, will cameras or 3rd parties be there when that happens? To do good, will I have to plan these now 'random' acts of kindness? Or how about being a positive influence on the neighboring youth? Again, should I plan for that to receive full credit? I am 99% sure that the government won't just take my word for these nice actions. And therefore, I think it is safe to say, gaining points will probably be pretty difficult.

Now, let's look at losing points for 'bad' behavior. From my perspective, there seem to be many, many more things that can cost you social points than gain you points.

Little girl drawing on sleeping man's face.

Many of these items are simply voted in or policy of the government with no say or input from the society it 'protects'. And a very large percent of these point losers can be, and I am sure will be, controlled by software programs. 

WOW! Could that be where the totally digital, total software, totally Federal Reserve, and government-controlled CBDC (central bank monetary system) comes in?

Picture of CBDC emblem.

Is this the real reason for the CBDC global push?  This makes sense since most of the good things the new CBDC would offer to the world are already in the current payment system. Except for faster speeds for transactions, I see no real gains here. And truthfully, I can live with the speeds as they are if all the other negatives are avoided.

Pause here for effect and time to think.


No, I believe if they can and do remove cash, gold, checks, etc., and get us to have a total monetary system on the phone, they have us until the world blows apart. We will be their slaves until the end, locked in and controlled by a social credit score bondage that will be impossible to break. Slaves, totally under government rule, like never before in history. George Orwell's 1984 will have arrived.

This hope for control is also the reason I think, about 10 years ago, Obama went on his everybody-rich-or-poor-homeless-or-alive needs to own a cell phone. Because even they can be socially controlled with a cell phone and CBDC.

Think about it. You know he wasn't just being 'thoughtful'.

Did you also know there are 1.7 billion people worldwide who don't have bank accounts? And I bet most of those people don't want one. My educated guess is they don't trust the banking system or their government. Smart thinking. But CBDC would eliminate that problem too.

Another smart move for the opposing side.

But back to the social credit score issues. Being good will edge one to the suck-up benefits. But in the real world, with real surprises, desires, and human mishaps, most will slide downward. And very few will ever taste that successful ascent.

Coming up:

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  • Destruction or Utopia?

Don't miss them.




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