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Someone Always Has It 'Under Control".

Yesterday, my phone took a crap. At about 5 PM, I look at the screen and see vertical green and purple lines and a chunk missing from the glass. I have insurance, so after a 10-minute session on the computer, one was set to be delivered the next day. 

Ahh... technology is great.

Sure enough, around 10 the next morning, a big brown truck delivered my most needed servant. I open the box and pull out the card that reads, 'Call this number for easy setup and icloud transfer'. Easey-peasy.

Ahh... technology is great.

I get on the phone and the tech tells me how to begin. Things are 'under control'. But suddenly, the first problem arises. The battery is not charged. Again Easey-peasy. Tech helps says to put the phone on charge and she will call back within the hour.

No problem.

1 hour, no call, possible problem.

2 hours, no call, probable problem.

Keep in mind that it is now into the early afternoon and my wife and I will leave the house for a small vacation in the morning. Also, keep in mind that all my business contacts are on that device and that I own and manage a bunch of rentals. All tenant numbers, plumbers, AC techs, handymen, and every single important emergency problem solver, are locked in that phone. I so rely on that phone.

Now I am getting nervous. Problem.

To make a long story short (or in this case, shorter) I will jump ahead 10 hours. During that time, I have been to a physical Verizon store. I have been on the phone with 2 more Verizon tech people who promise to call back and get it 'under control'. To this day, I still haven't heard from them. I have also been drop called 1 time by Apple support. And when I finally did get through to Apple support at 9 PM the second time, she assured me we'd get this 'under control' as she had to constantly stop to 'read' the help articles she was also sending me so we can both solve the issue. So much for paid, experienced help getting things 'under control'.

When I finally get service back, it is my wife's service. Her pictures and contacts now on my phone!! None of my pics or contacts! This is after erasing my current phone twice and resetting passwords a couple of times with the Apple 'expert'.

To recap, by 9:30, we now have two Kris Conrad phones and no Don Conrad phones.

Around that time, in walks my son. 18 years old. No computer training. Not a Verizon 40-hour-a-week employee. Not 1 of the 4 paid 'techies' from a foreign land I dealt with that day. He has not been in the same house or near me since this started. He knows nothing. He's a 'nobody'.

He fixed the phone in 10 minutes. 

At this point, I have an idea of what you are thinking. " Good story, Don." or "Funny Story Don." or most likely, "You run Freedom-4-All, a blog and apparel store dedicated to personal and Constitutional freedoms. How does this all tie in, Don?"

Let me tell you. We have become a nation and world where we rely on technical advances to make our lives easier and solve our problems. And for the most part, they do. But when things go down, many of the trusted 'experts' can't help us. They act like they have the answers, but we are at the mercy of luck and a prayer for an answer. Thank God my son was that prayer.

But what happens as we trust 'Daddy Government' to take care of us? What happens when we are so reliant on the so-called experts that when things break in a big way (imagine a 2-state grid collapse or other catastrophes) who will help then?

And don't tell me they (government/banks) have it under control.

Because if memory serves me correctly, they were getting poverty 'under control' in the 60's. They were getting drugs 'under control' in the 70's. They started getting inflation 'under control' in the 80's. I have something for every decade. Shall I go on?

Right now, this decade, I am thinking of the banks, our national debt, and US money in general. Our banks are wanting us to trust their CBDC (central bank digital currency) plan to get things 'under control'. A plan where all money is electronically monitored and software controlled. Where MY money, YOUR money, ALL money, will be controlled by OTHERS. Where, if accidentally or intentionally mishandled, our freedoms will evaporate faster than my cell phone dying, leaving us at the mercy of 'experts' who look able but really can't fix the problems.

Then what? Call my son?

I only have 1 son, and this last time, he might have just been lucky.

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