flag on lower half of picture with Memorial day on top half.

Happy Memorial Day Veterans

Labor all day is soon upon us. Many people don't realize it, but Memorial Day is the 1ST of three days in the calendar year that America celebrates its freedom and the people who fought to preserve that freedom. More on this in a minute.

Veteran's Day is the quieter, least recognized out of the three, though it is significant because we wouldn't have the other two holidays without veterans. July 4th is a celebration of independence. But again, it took warriors, fighters, brave men, and women to give us that freedom. Veterans.

This brings us back to Memorial Day. The holiday that kicks off summer. That kicks off hot dogs and burgers on the grill, opens the beaches, and gets motorcycles and convertibles out on the open road. But let's not lose sight that it is also a time to remember the veterans who fought. Those who died. And those who will live the rest of their years with a war-induced injury. So, this year, remember a vet. Buy them lunch. Listen to their stories. Carry a flag or wear a hat or a shirt to honor them. Buy them a gift. We at Freedom-4-All say, "Thank You".


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