hands filled with gold coins

Gold on the Hand is Love, Gold in the Hand is Insurance

100 years ago, almost everyone in the world believed that gold was true and honest money. Thieves robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains to retrieve it.1000 years ago, nations went to war to either preserve their gold or steal someone else's gold. 5000 years ago, gold was discovered to be the most honest and valuable form of money and kept that recognition until 1971 (learn why here). But today, very few people understand gold's worth as real money. Most people think its value lies in the beauty of its use as jewelry. 

But Freedom-4-All has been a huge fan of physical gold since before our conception. We know the history of gold, its place in the world, and its importance in the Constitution. We also understand why it has survived WWI, WWII, the Great Depression, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and any other financial crisis that has come it's way. In fact, gold's value has never been driven to 0, NEVER, unlike every paper money system in history. And we bet with world issues, it will be driven higher.

But freedom-4-All is now looking at gold in a slightly different way.


All around the world, the current financial systems are shakier than they have ever been, especially so many at the same time. And with many countries' debt at peak levels, GDP levels off the charts, and war brewing on many fronts, most monetary systems are poised for major trouble.

So we at Freedom-4-All support gold and are suggesting you buy some gold. Now this isn't financial advice, mind you. Because we are not telling you to buy it as an investment. Freedom-4-All is suggesting a gold purchase or two for the same reasons we would tell you to buy locks for your doors, a fire extinguisher for your kitchen, life jackets for your boat, or anti-slip mats for your tub. 

Insurance before calamity strikes.

You can't insure your home for fire the day after.


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