Green overhead highway sign that reads, 'Security breach'.

Freedom-4-All Witnesses Security Breach

This Freedom-4-All blog is going to have a 'ranting' or 'complaining' edge to it. As I grow older, I notice more and more things that I perceive as unfair.

I know, "Suck it up, Don. Life is unfair."

I am well aware of that. And I can usually deal with it. But the 'unfairness' that drives me insane is the inequality between the government's rules and regulations, and the people they are supposed to govern and want to regulate. Which is one of the basic reasons I started Freedom-4-All and its blog.

You see, I had to go to court the other day to work on an eviction. As usual, I went through the metal detector. You know the one. You put everything from your pockets and hands in a basket, including your belt (I have been losing weight so that could have gotten me an indecent exposure charge). Then you walk through the magic arch, and if you don't beep, you can go on your way. 

Well, this time I went through beepless, but as I was putting my belt back on, I watched a lady walk through the beeping arch without slowing down or following any kind of protocol. And security said nothing.

Wait a minute. Did that just happen?

Of course, it did. And of course, she works there and of course, probably comes in and out fairly frequently. And she probably has some kind of security clearance. 

Ok. I'll let it ride.

But turns out, that's just the start. As I sat in the hallway before they opened the courtroom, I swear I heard the exterior doors open at the end of that hall. I looked up and believe I saw a person who just walked in, aided from the inside.

Now my sense of different playing fields for different people is aroused. In my mind, I witnessed, not one, but two security breaches that could have led to opportunities for some kind of public safety issue. And it was two security breaches all within probably 15 minutes. Plus, there were still about 9 hours left in the work day. Was this normal?

I know. "Not likely Don." But still.

She could have snuck in some kind of poison or 'non-metallic' weapon.

 He could have carried in an arsenal of deadly whatever since someone from the outside opened the unsecured door.

I know that all these scenarios have a slim chance of playing out. And I will agree that 9-11, the TSA, and government propaganda have upped everyone's paranoia levels over the years, including mine. But here's the point. If our government is going to treat all of us 'commoners' as a threat, then we all need to be treated as such. No exceptions. If you want my taxes to pay for security, then give me real and complete security. chest feels lighter. Freedom-4-All will keep pushing for freedom for all.

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