Sam Conrad giving his graduation speech for Chesterton High.

Be Different. Freedom-4-All Is Different.

In 2021 my daughter graduated from high school. The ceremony was held on the football field which can hold about 5000+. My son, a natural ham, was mesmerized by the size of the crowd and the power of the podium. He decided that very day, that he was going to give the graduation speech for his senior class in 2023.

Now, at Chesterton High, having the highest grade point average does not guarantee the covenant spot of the graduation speaker. At his high school, one must audition in front of a panel. Contestants are judged on speech relevance, speaking abilities, popularity, and energy, among other things. He was up against 10-12 others. 

He succeeded. He gave that speech.

What was so cool about his talk was the 'wave' he got the whole stadium to perform before his speech. You heard that right, he filmed the whole stadium, left bleachers, then right bleachers, then two rows of graduates sitting on the field, during the wave in perfect time. Approximately 4500 people.

It was awesome.

It was different.

Which was the whole idea behind his speech. That his high school senior class years were a different breed because of Covid. What they endured. What they learned. And that if they want to be remembered, they had to continue to be different. His point was, 20 years from now, most people don't remember their graduation speaker, let alone the words spoken.

But now, that day, and maybe that speaker, will be remembered for decades because in 2023, at Chesterton High School, 4500 people successfully completed the wave.

Be different to be remembered.

Be different to succeed.

This leads me to the tie-in for Freedom-4-All. Most people start internet t-shirt stores for the pure purpose of making money. Not Freedom-4-All. It started as a movement. A movement to unite, support, and protect our Constitutional freedoms. A way to help wake up the sheeple. And in the future, possibly the representative for apparel that supports America's rebuild.

Freedom-4-All dares to be different. Support Freedom-4-All. Wear the apparel. 


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