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Freedom-4-All And Tik Tok

At this point in life, I am sure every one of you is now aware of Til Tok. More to the point, probably most of you are using it in some way, probably because you find it entertaining, maybe informative. Most likely addictive. Well, that last part was by design. TikTok has the most advanced, user experience adaptation algorithms of any social media software currently out there. And the user age is increasing, as Tik Tok is slowly picking up speed as the go-to search engine.

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Because of all these things, Freedom-4-All is now on Tik Tok. Right now I call it 'News You Can Use". Every morning I send out a 60-90 sec video short with at least one of these intended purposes.

  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • education
  • news
  • other

The idea is to help you move forward in your day from a slightly better perspective than before you watched the video. I know life is very busy for most. Maybe too busy. That can't be used as an excuse for ignorance, especially when it comes to you and your family's freedoms and safety. 

So, follow me on Tik Tok. Spend 90 seconds each day to energize your day. Not all topics may be relative to your needs, or even interests, but you never know what 90 sec. video will better prepare you for whatever lies ahead.


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