Hawaii image after the fire.

Were the Hawaii Fires Planned?

What the hell happened in Hawaii? It has been a few days (I am talking when I first started this post), and I still grapple with it. There are too many things that don't make sense to me. In fact, I almost have that same feeling I had when the second tower dropped back in 2001. Some of you may remember that. We knew our world had changed. Has it changed again? With tech, computers, and modern weaponry, I don't know what to think. Add in a lifetime of alien and conspiracy-themed movies and such, and I am really on edge.

As of this writing, 67 are dead, and 17,000 buildings are lost! Who knows how many missing? No one seems to have a number. All unbelievable.

I believe the missing will eventually just be claimed as dead. A simple number in a world whose leaders have lost sight of the real value of human life.

Hawaii burning.

But to me, many pieces don't fit. I can't put my finger on it, but the story doesn't follow the pictures. Something is off. Let me tell you what I noticed. Everything burned in many areas. Except for the things that didn't.

Duh... yes Don, that's how it works.

No I don't mean to sound stupid, so hear me out. The winds were so strong, that the fire blew everywhere. That explains such large areas of toasted everything. Yet I look down from an aerial view, and I see an awful lot of green trees and standing wood poles. And other things that normally fuel a fire.

Hawaii burning.

And so ,this brings questions. Such as, how did the fire get so hot that car tires and windshields are 100% melted. And the aluminum mag wheels are melted?  For instance, aluminum melts at 1220 degrees F. Depending if the wheels have other ingredients, they might melt in the 650-700 degree range. Glass melts at 2600 degrees. But asphalt softens and reshapes around 122 degrees F. How did that fire get so hot to melt tires and aluminum, yet the asphalt looks fine? And if people are running from their cars, would every single one of them close their doors on the way out ? Or did these people turn to ash at the same time as their tires?

And did this fire really avoid all those high-priced celebrity homes? 

Then I also hear that the alarms didn't sound. And that water was turned off. And that escaped routes off the island were blocked with city officials. Others say they saw lasers from the sky. Is any of that true? Where is the truth and where is the conspiracy? What is really going on? And after the whole covid/vaccine lie we lived through, who do I believe?

Let's start with my imaginative mind.

Many people are saying this was an attack. I had trouble believing that until I listened to Dane Wigington who runs the website GeoEngineeringWatch.org. He has been in this industry for I believe 20+ years, and tells us that the Hawaii fire ignition can't be found. But the hurricane winds and other weather-related issues were set in place to intensify the fire,

After the Hawaii fire.

as planned, working such as bellows work. That would explain the very hot flames I wonder about. He also says that we have had science-changing weather patterns to be used in wartimes, and it's been that way for around 80 years! Incredible, if this is true. Unfortunately, nothing surprises me at this stage of life. 

Pius, if this really is a viable weather technology, I wonder if the wind patterns could also be set to save all those high-dollar homes. I also wonder if this technology is responsible for other fires and the climate change problems we currently face. And is this technology part of the reason for over 1000 fires currently burning in Canada?

Now what do I really think? Honestly, I don't know. I have enough years behind me to know technology is advanced more and faster than I can possibly comprehend. I also know governments can't be trusted, and as they dig themselves deeper into the hole, probably trusted even less. If I were to make an educated guess from my comfortable living room, without having set foot on the island I would say this. I believe it was the meeting of perfect storm conditions. Yes, there probably is weather-changing patterns by those in that field that gave rise to conditions that accelerated the accidental fire. this created the very seldom-in-life firestorm we witnessed. 

In other words, humans trying to improve on God's design meet nature, and we lost.


Are any Hawaiians out there willing and able to stand up and tell me the truth? Or give me their thoughts? If so, please, PLEASE drop me an email.



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Don as always you make me think of the what if possibility.

Lee Scott

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