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Dumb Money

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I know very little about stocks, but I understand that some of the strongest business minds lead the way in that powerful world. And I also believe the main reason stocks go up is more in relationship to the money printing/inflation cycle, than true value. So therefore, a smuck like me, with the time and pressures constraints of regular life, can look at the data a few minutes a day at best, and really has no chance against the big money who follows the market 40+ hours per week.

But, even though I am not a stock guy, I can be interested in a good 'stock' story. This led me to see the movie 'Dumb Money', which is the GameStop story that was happening in real-time a few years back. 

It was a very interesting movie. 

I walked away from that show with a couple of thoughts that I would like to share with you today. First, the main man of the story, Keith Gill, runs a podcast that centers around his personal stock investments, explaining how he operates and what he likes and dislikes. He is a very likable guy. Easy to relate to. Very transparent.

Picture of Game Stop.

His latest interest is a struggling, and probably soon-to-fail stock named 'GameStop'. A stock most big and well-educated investors are betting will collapse soon. Very soon. And a few of these investors have placed big money against GameStop, knowing when it collapses, they will reap huge financial games.

But Keith doesn't think that. In fact, he believes it is extremely undervalued and likes the stock. He has purchased all he could handle. And Keith speaks from the heart, and he believes in what he says. He doesn't tell people how to invest, just explains his thoughts and then closes his show in a unique way, with a screenshot of his current investment balance.

Picture of Keith Gills portfolio investment on his phone.

Every show. His portfolio p or down, it doesn't matter.

But these two worlds will collide. In a big way. Because this act of total financial exposure quickly earns him the deepest trust and respect of those following him. And that same act brings in new followers by the boatloads.

Also keep in mind, that I am sure the reason so many people follow and trust him is that they probably shouldn't be investors. These people are overworked.

Or tired.

Or lazy.

Or they aren't financially educated enough to make sound investment decisions. Actually, probably all of the above. Therefore, they trust Keith and his thoughts to guide them. But this is wrong, as every investor needs to perform solid due diligence, something even the best fail at.

Dumb Money movie poster.

They think they are smart money, but really, they are dumb money.

And that sentence leads me to make an educated guess on my part, is the reason for the name of the movie.

Dumb Money.

But this movie shows us that when you have thousands of people following and trusting you, they are a powerful bunch, even if they are uneducated and somewhat misguided in their thinking. And this movie also shows us without a doubt, even a dumb army can change the course of history. 

And that is what happened. The results of this lemming's type of following became legendary and will go down in stock history, as lessons for all investors, both pros and amateurs, as well as a good big-screen story. Because this guy's story causes multi-billionaires to rethink their strategy for all future investing, for years to come.

Let that sink in, multi-billionaires.

Billionaires who were planning on cleaning up as GameStop collapsed, never ever believing its price could be driven upward. And I am talking big lift-off. Astronomical. 

You see, herds of people, by believing and following Keith in his belief in GameStop, bought and held this stock. Causing it to not only avoid a collapse but skyrocket in prices never imagined by anyone. And these followers stuck to him like glue.

Big professional money began to panic. And as the stock climbed, panic grew deeper. And deeper still.

Because when you bet against a stock, you bet in time increments. In this case, the collapse had to collapse in an xxx amount of time, or you lose the money invested and must start over. Gambling in a Wall Street sort of way.

Picture of advertisement for the movie Dumb Money.

And that is what happened. Billions were lost by some of the biggest Wall Street players, knocked down by the little guy and his uneducated, but strong and many minions. Accidentally and unintentionally (at least at first), but still knocked down.

Now this revelation led me to think a little deeper. If this scenario of events can cause such a ripple in the financial world, what changes could we-the-people make in our quest for Constitutional power? To get back our country for the little guy. The normal Tom, Dick, and Harry. Can we still stop a collapse and bring on a change that disrupts what the big money, or in this case, the government, is hoping and planning for? 


Picture of Statue of Liberty in a sunset.


                                        This movie tells me yes, we can.


Please share this with anybody and everybody who might be interested. God bless you.



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