Headshot of Jason Aldean.

Don't Try That In My Town Either

Man, the racist police are out in full force. Digging fast and deep, looking to blame find a fire. All I can say is; STOP! Leave Jason Aldean alone. He's had enough. Although this may be the best thing that has happened to him in his professional career. I am pretty sure a couple of months of this hoopla will take his fame and fortune far outside country music circles, as long as he can hold on and not lose his head.

His story interests me because I like country music and I really believe we are making good progress on closing race-related issues and wish to continue in that direction (OK, there are a few idiots that can't seem to move forward but our Constitution protects them also, so I have to deal). 

Now I have listened to that song. Really listened. Really REALLY listened. I don't see it. He never mentions color or race, plus, he tells you the things he is talking about. There are only 5 of them. And only a fool would fill in the blanks on a song that really has no blanks. His 5?

Sucker punch somebody? Don't try that in a small town.

Car jack an old lady? Don't try that in a small town.

Pull a gun on a liquor store owner? Don't try that in a small town.

Cuss out a cop, spit in his face? Don't try that in a small town.

Stomp and set fire to a flag? Don't try that in a small town. 

Picture of store looters.

He tells you five things, at the beginning of the song. The rest of the song tells you WHY one shouldn't try a small town. He is simply telling you to act right. Respectful. Don't be a punk. Don't be an idiot. A small town isn't California where a shop owner can't prosecute a thief if the lifted items are under $950. (Who comes up with this shit?) Or Where the EMPLOYEE gets in trouble for stopping a theft. Or Chicago where they literally take complete racks of clothing out at once, or ruin complete Walmarts in minutes.

No, he is saying, we are tired of peoples' crap and the small-town folks will protect their own. And fortunately, there are a lot of people like you and me who live in large towns, middle towns, small cities, and many other places not described in the song. 

And there are other allegations such as he filmed at night and then showed a shot of sunrise to 'secretly' connect his song to a sundown town. 

My guess, bullshit.

How about crime happens at night and, from a theatrical point of power, it makes sense to film when crime happens. How about it is much easier to lockdown city streets around a courthouse at night, due to 90% less traffic? How about maybe the sun coming up represents success in protecting the town? Plus, there were plenty of sunlight/day shots. 

Then there is the issue of all the violence shown in the video. For those out of the loop, every one of those shots was actual footage of lawbreakers once shown on the nightly news, None, I repeat for those who are slower, NONE were staged for the video.

Jason Aldean standing in front of a courthouse.

Now let's address the actual courthouse. There was a lynching almost 100 years ago. I wonder if Jason Aldean knew that. Doesn't matter now, but did you know that same courthouse's exterior was used in a Miley Cirus video? Or how about the time that same exterior was promptly centered in an outdoor Christmas scene? Didn't hear cries of racism then, did you?

Yes, he talks about the gun his grandfather left him. So what? The second amendment gives us all the right to protect ourselves and our private property. He is reminding all that he believes in that right and hopes people are smart enough to understand and respect it also.

Picture of girl wearing Freedom-4-All's small town t-shirt

I love the song. I believe in what that song says. I have made a T-shirt based on that song. Years ago, I was taught by a random cop that people need immediate responders. Right when bad things happen. And police are not immediate, but first, after bad things happen responders. He said self-protection started with self. Always. Which is when I got my permit and learned to carry, legally and safely.

Jason is saying we will protect our own. I support him.

Man, this would have been a lot easier if Darius Rucker had sung it instead. That's where the first mistake was made.

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I agree with ur message. They want us to cave in and think like them. Hopefully it won’t happen and we will b free to think and say the truth,

Marilyn Ritzi

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