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Coming July 1st, 2023

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, and with me falling deeper in the desire to be part of the healing, uniting, and positive changes I hope for America, I find myself thinking more of the real reason why we share this summer holiday.
You see, to me, for many years, the 4th was mostly a great time to see a parade, watch pretty fireworks, grill, and party with my friends. I didn't spend much real-time contemplating what took place in history to give me that opportunity.
And yes, like most Americans, I learned about the American Revolution and Constitution in middle school, but when you're 14, with no life experience, and no real responsibilities, do most really care? I am ashamed to admit, I did not. And I am willing to bet, whether they will admit it or not, a large portion of the country was/is the same way.
But those first 60 years have passed and the best I can do is spend the next 60 on correction, growth, positive self-improvement, and contribution to the world around me. Therefore, I have decided to spend the next 12 months learning about our country's Constitution, its roots in the making, and what is truly in it. No more mentioning the Constitution as a birthright American, time to better understand it as a real and proud American. 
Years ago, a wise man told me if you want to learn something deeper and faster, teach it as you learn it. I am going to do that. When I started Freedom-4-All a couple of months ago, I dedicated a page to our Constitution with a few links to help others learn it. Now I realize, that's not nearly enough. So starting July 1st of this year, and the first of the month for the next year, I will be blog posting something educational about this great document. By doing so, I will be forced to study and learn with the final goal of knowing a lot more about America's Constitution on July 4th, 2024, than I do on July 4th, 2023.

I am not an expert, so I will make mistakes. I will be corrected along the way by readers with more knowledge. That's OK. I'm still going to try.
I know I am undertaking a huge commitment, but I invite you who are interested to travel this road with me. Simply join my blog at and grow with me. 
And since I believe this is a very worthwhile quest that we all should be a part of, I ask that you extend this invite to all. Link and post it anywhere and everywhere.
July 1st, 2023. Be there.
PS. My apologies. This post is clustered together. For some reason, the paragraphs won't stay separated when I save the post.
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