Picture of different numbered meters over the heads of different people with the words, 'China's Social credit Score'.

China's Social Credit Score; Part 2

Alright, we have covered both how to climb and how to descend the social credit score ladder. (By design, I believe it will be 5-10 times easier to fall down versus climb up. Except for those who designed it.) So, let's talk about responses to both the climb and the fall. What are the rewards and punishments for each?

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First the rewards. The higher one climbs, the more 'gifts are available. For example, one might receive,

  • Shorter hospital wait times (no more severity-determined wait times)
  • free gym fees (if the government is giving them to you, it will mean they are government-owned. This will apply anywhere a fee is government covered. usually, never good)
  • easier less restricted travel (but probably more restricted than now)
  • deposit fees dropped (gov owned)
  • and any other carrot dangling charm that looks good but is really pretty weak in value.
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I could possibly live with these things. At least I thought so until I looked at the punishment side.

  • longer hospital wait times (please keep your heart attack under control, we'll get to you)
  • no plane, train, or travel passes without government approval (yeah, that will sure go seamlessly)
  • no or very limited guns, ammo, red meat, candy, chips, movies, etc, etc etc, depending on laws.
  • no or limited pleasures such as booze, smokes, fatty foods, porn, gambling,  etc, etc, etc
  • higher loan fees,
  • limited screen time or restricted access (TV, computer, phone)
  • Actually, this list could become endless, and ever-increasing. Of course, it all depends on your federal and local government controls at the time. 

And so there in that last sentence, lies the real issue, control. They wish to eventually control any and all things within their grasp. And, as a man who is 60+, I have noticed where the government is concerned, very, and I mean very, few things get easier or less restricted once the government takes control. That has been the nature of the beast since biblical times. 

You must understand, this is not a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are generally regarded as could-be-but-probably-are-not-true. This is passed that. It is now regarded as true as there is too much evidence it is on the agenda. Their agenda. In fact, agenda is a good word for it. Better yet, how about Agenda 2030? If you like that name, guess what? It's already in use.

agenda 2030

Yes, that is the official title for the next phase of social credit scoring and control. Agenda 2030 as brought to you by the WEF (World Economic Forum). A group dedicated to uniting the world under one set of rules and laws. Their rules and their laws. They meet in Switzerland yearly to have a face-to-face pow-wow and of course, work to make their dream come true the rest of the year as per their assigned roles.

And they are implementing this Agenda 2030 plan from many angles. Stolen elections, lying and manipulated media, mandatory vaccines, etc. They already have us in a new type of world war, though most haven't looked up from IG, Tik Tok, or FB long enough to figure it out yet. But don't you worry. I believe that time will be here soon enough.

Hell, with all the craziness going on in this world, some people think we are living part of Revelations (I haven't decided yet).

So now you must respond. Here's your call to action. Learn. Unite. Join us. Help spread the word. Use Freedom-4-All's education links. Join and pass out our blog to others. Follow us on TikTok. (freedom4alltoday). Wear our apparel to show support and unity. Hell, we are like a club, and the price of a shirt is a cheap entry fee. And I am going to venture that one day, the Freedom-4-All logo will become a signal that brings attention to like-minded people. It's not too late, but time is ticking and getting us closer by the day where too late may soon be the answer. 

Join the fight and figure out how to be a part.

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