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Celebrating The 4th Year Round

I am glad the 4th of July has passed. I suppose since it was a Tuesday, therefore making it a 4-day holiday, and because I often start my celebrating on the Saturday before the holiday. Now I am not a drinker, but I have worked very hard over the last few years on improving my health. I now walk every morning, fast at least 24-36 hours weekly, take cold showers, cut back on 'fun' foods, etc. That all goes out the window starting the Saturday before a registered holiday. You may be the same. I bet many of you are.

This doesn't mean I don't love the 4th; I do. In fact, Freedom-4-All was basically designed for this holiday. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that eventually followed, are what we stand for. It is what we are about. Heck, in our 2nd real month, we received a newspaper write-up. our Tik Tok and blog following doubled. Our website hits increase weekly. Shirts are selling. All giving me hope that we will be a bigger part of this next year.

Large crowd celebrating 4th in front of huge fireworks display.

Since starting this site, I am really connecting to the reason for the season (which is year-round to me). I watch people everywhere wave their flags, post their freedom pronouncements, and celebrate without shame. And to me, the love for the country has increased. To me, more people are standing up and showing their patriotism. More people are willing to let their feelings known. And that makes me proud.

You see, for a while, it seemed people were keeping their patriotism in the shadows. Covid not only caused us to hide indoors but caused us to hide our feelings as Americans. We didn't know who we could speak to, or who to trust. We were leery and cautious about everything. Everywhere. But now, now I see people feeling empowered again. Wanting to stand up again for the rights and freedoms granted to us centuries ago by our Constitution.

And as far as I am concerned, all those fireworks, consumed hot dogs and beers, plus the red, white, and blue everywhere you look are for Freedom-4-All (freedom-for-all, get it)


Of course, maybe I too have changed. Maybe I have more respect for the things I took for granted. I believe so. If you are following my 1st-of-the-month blog, you know I am trying to learn more about America's Constitution and the path we took to get it. Where I shunned it as a teenager, I relish it today. It is fascinating. It may be the greatest governing document ever written. It is the aftermath of 'rockets red glare' and 'bombs bursting in air'. It is American and America.

So even though I am glad the 4th is over, so that the temptations to my health are under control, I am also bittersweet. I will miss the power of the 4th. 

I guess it will be Freedom-4-All's place to keep that power going. 

Please help us keep that power.


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