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Why Central Bank Digital Currency Scares Me

July is time for fireworks. A time most of us look forward to. A celebration of and for our country's independence and freedoms. Freedom-4-All was created because of those freedoms, and the desire to protect them.

But it looks like this July may bring another kind of fireworks. Fireworks that will be less obvious and cause less noise. Not as much fun either, at least in the beginning. Because July first looks to be the beginning of the change to our monetary system, as per the news on the street. For on that date, the Biden administration wants to release their central bank digital currency (CBDC). This has many people are worried. I am one of them. In fact, even though most things really don't scare me at my age, CBDC is the exception.

Here's why, control. You see when this digital money is realized, it will be sold to us as a good thing, with many benefits. They will say, "Less cheating on taxes." ''More convenient banking." Faster transactions." And who knows how many other slick salesmen pitches they will throw at us.

Now I do agree these advantages will have truth and merit to them. But what I worry about is the government's eventual overreach of power in CBDC usage. Because in my 40+ years of adulthood, I have witnessed the government overreach in almost everything they undertake. EVERYTHING! And with CBDC being a computer code-driven currency, ANYTHING can be written into that code. 

  • car is not green enough, limit your gas purchases,
  • we need more tax revenue, instant tax removal from all accounts,
  • eat the wrong foods, limit your purchases,
  • buy too many gun magazines, double your price at purchase,
  • smoke too much, triple your price at purchase,
  • use too much gas, limit your travel by tripling your price at purchase,
  • Vote the wrong party, accounts shut down,
  • not properly vaxxed, shut down,
  • want to hand money to the homeless, can't,
  • tip your waiter, can't,
  • pay a few dollars to the babysitter, can't.

I think you get the picture.

Now, am I saying this will happen right away? No. But like when you place a frog in water and slowly turn up the heat to boil him (turn it up too fast, and he will jump out), they will slowly use CBDC to their likening and advantage as time passes. I will bet my life on it. I'll bet your life on it.

If you don't understand CBDC, truly understand them, Study them. Pros and cons. You decide. And wear a Freedom-4-All anti-CBDC shirt.



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