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Can CBDC be used to control you?

I will be the first to admit that a new banking system that can verify funds worldwide in seconds instead of hours or days can be very beneficial to commerce. What makes me nervous about CBDC (and I am hard to make nervous) is that the proposed CBDC is a computer-coded ledger. Like so many other things in our lives, this ledger can be observed, hacked, tracked, programmed, etc. to slowly remove controls from everyday people. 

I bet you think the government would never use it or anything else to control the populace, right?  Wrong. How about the masking days during the COVID virus (I am making air quotes here because my underwear and jeans can’t contain a fart, but a 50-cent mask will stop a deadly virus)? They told us, ‘Wear it to a restaurant. If you sit, you can take it off. If you stand again, put it on. Wear it outside on the way to your car, even if people aren’t around. And kiddies, wear it all day long at school, even during gym class or recess, and even though proof of COVID deaths among children is almost non-existent (don't comment here, do your research)”. No, they would never try to test us with controls. 

As far as I am concerned, even though CBDC will start out as only a monetary system. It won't be long before government controls start to creep in. Here are some possible examples of future control with CBDC:

  • You're only allowed to buy X amount of dollars of gas because your car isn't green enough.
  • If you smoke, drink, or eat too much of the wrong things, you may pay twice as much over regular prices.
  • The government has overspent and needs five more percent in taxes, automatically withdrawn.
  • Oops. They needed even more, so they make it retroactive to last year and take another 5%.
  • And small businesses will not be able to tax plan as taxes will be taken out immediately.
  • Own some guns, you might not be able to buy ammunition.
  • If you voted for the wrong political party (in their opinion) your account is cut off.
  • Looked at the wrong websites, your account is cut off.
  • Walked, talked, pooped the wrong way, cut off.
  • The list could be endless. I think you get the picture.

I am not saying that all of these things will come to pass. But the possibilities really would be endless if the regime decided to take control. I do believe they will sell us all the benefits of CBDC when the time comes. Unfortunately, like every government policy I've ever witnessed, at some point, they will overreach their authority. And it's not just our governments, look back at history and you will see this is a common thread among all governments. 

I truly believe CBDC is the biggest threat to our freedom that we are facing because, without a free monetary system, we cannot buy the things we need to survive when we need them. And that need is a freedom each individual deserves to regulate. We don't need some government agency telling us what choices we are allowed. God gave us the ability to think and use free will to make those choices ourselves and I for one, will stand up to keep that ability. You should too.

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