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A New Freedom-4-All

I was going to send out a 2-piece article about China's credit scoring system. How it works and how it can be extremely controlling. But it isn't quite ready yet. Besides, this article will be a lot more fun for me to write and generally polish as it is all about...


The Freedom-4-All website main page which is a man holding American flag. The Freedom-4-All website main page which is a

Actually, it is about, the website I have been pouring hours into each week since sometime in February. Now understand, I started this because I had the awakening, (middle of the night, out of a dead sleep) that there was really no one working to connect us, bring unity and constitutional information to those still asleep in our world. 

I felt (still do) that people who share the same important interests, whether it is economics, gov spending, dishonest government, loss or intrusions of freedoms, like-minded people would share information as they see fit. But what about those not really tuned in? Unaware? How would they become aware of things that might be of importance to their family's future and safety? 

Entrance for Menards store.

Well, one day I was standing at my locale Menards store, (not unusual, I am there daily) when I noticed almost everyone around me had on a t-shirt with something printed on it. He rides a Harley. She has cats. Dog lover. Notre Dame. The Bulls. You get the picture. Now some of those interest me, others don't. But the thing that hit me was this, I had to stand behind them and read their shirt, whether I cared or not.

Wait. Was this the answer.

"What if I made a few shirts and gave them to my friends to wear?" 

2 seconds later, "What if I sold a few in the area?"

2 more seconds, and I was lying in bed, wide awake, building a website, with products, an education page, and a blog. In my mind, thousands of patriots wearing a shirt with the red, white, and blue "Freedom-4-All' logo. logo

Showing the world, they are part of something bigger. They are united through their shirts. If you wear the logo, you belong.

Just 6-7 months later, here I am, up and running with products, an education page, a blog, and even a TikTok presence. The dream has started.

Now all this is cool but let's put this in perspective. I was 61 when I started Freedom-4-All. I had played with a website 15 years ago, but nothing like this. In fact, I remember nothing, and even if I did, I am sure it has all changed. 

No, this time I had to learn everything. Shopify, Canva, Snaptik, Printful, Tik Tok, Linktree, apps, taxes, etc,etc,etc. Before this project, I could text and email, but even sending a screenshot required a YouTube video or assistance. It's been a hell of a journey these last 6 months. But I have learned.

A lot.

And I will keep learning. But now, today, I want to brag, because I have spent the last 2 weeks redesigning the website. The store. The products.

I have removed 50 designs. I have changed and improved the remainder. I have reduced the choice of colors to 3-5 per shirt. Hats, mugs, and accessories are gone. Only tees and hoodies are available.

Screenshot of Freedom-4-All collection page.

Plus, I made it more consumer-friendly and comfortable, for people like me, older. Bigger fonts. More pictures. Less reading.

So, I present to you, the new Freedom-4-All site. I ask that you cruise through it and give me your honest opinion (don't worry about hurting my feelings). If I need to change something, tell me. If you have a suggestion for improvement, tell me. I am getting closer, but not quite there yet. I am hoping to polish the main page more this week.

I appreciate your time on this and believe someday, Freedom-4-all will have meaning and benefit to us, true patriots. And if you like what you see, tell others. Support me to your friends and on social media. I really want a better world for my children and grandchildren. Unite and be part of the dream.


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