Soldier paying respects to fallen soldier at the cemetary.

11 Reasons You Should Wear A Veteran's Shirt


  • Support those who served–Almost all of us are connected to family and friends who have served. They deserve recognition for their service.
  • Support those who are currently serving–Many of us today, are close to someone who is serving time in the armed forces. My niece’s fiancé is currently stationed overseas. I am sure he finds comfort in any and all who support him back home.
  • Support those who died serving–Unfortunately, too many of us have somehow been affected by the loss of a loved one in combat, firsthand or otherwise. Everyone should wear a veteran-related product often to show others we won’t forget them. At least one day per week, I wear a shirt in remembrance. Have for years. Will for years to come.
  • You couldn't serve yourself–I thought about joining the army after high school. It probably would have done me good. But my dad had passed away 4 years earlier and as the oldest son, I felt it would be better if I stayed home. Sometimes home priorities trump desire.
  • You wouldn’t serve–Let’s be truthful here, the age of 18 is not the most mature age to make decisions. Sometimes stubbornness or selfishness leads the way. Maybe you fit in this category. You can still be a small part of the forces by showing public support.
  • You were afraid to serve–This can tie into the reason above, but let's face it, the idea of leaving home for 4 years minimum to potentially be sent around the world to possibly kill others can be a daunting choice.
  • You're proud you served–Drafted into service or free will entry, you did your time. You are proud. No shame in showing the world.
  • You're proud they served–We all get swelling in our chests when we tell stories of loved ones who helped keep our freedoms intact, especially if they gave the ultimate sacrifice. If you are proud of them, show the world periodically.
  • You love America–Yes, America has many problems, but I still love it. Hopefully, so do you. We have freedoms others in the world do not. Veterans are one of the main reasons America has the freedoms we still enjoy. Thank them.
  • You're proud of America– This ties in with loving America. Generally, if you love something or someone, you carry pride in your heart. Show it.
  • You support our military– Life isn’t simple. Most people have to stand up and fight for something at some point in their life. So do countries. It is reassuring to have a bad-ass military to do that fighting. They do our dirty work. Support them in any way.

Yes, I admit it, Freedom-4-All has a business interest in wanting to sell you veterans shirts. But the deeper purpose of starting this store was to help America through our current tough times and unite and repair our country. Veteran shirts are one way to do so. Please show all vets your thanks and support, year-round. 

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